Rise of the Entrepreneur with Zac Johnson
Zac Johnson: Online Entrepreneur, Blogger and Branding Expert
Zac Johnson first started making money online when he was just a teenager in high school back in the mid 90s. Since then his business has continued to flourish with success year after year. In 2007 Zac decided to launch his own personal blog where he would focus on helping others learn how to make money online. Through his blog at ZacJohnson.com, Zac has referred over $5 million in new business to his site partners while also teaching his readers how to make money through the use of affiliate marketing, search marketing, social network advertising, blogging / wordpress and creating niche sites while also expanding into more advanced areas such as starting their own brands and much more. With the recent launch of his new podcast "Rise of the Entrepreneur", Zac plans to expand his reach to a whole new audience while also sharing stories of success and providing inspiration from others he's connected with over the years. Over the course of nearly two decades, Zac has had his hands in ever
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