• Calls to Health Podcast

    The distortion of health research in the media is a real problem and I believe we can do something about it. The media assumes we are too stupid and not interested in the real facts and figures, but I disagree. In each episode of this podcast we will focus on a specific health news story and together, we will dive into them and then reemerge with a deeper understanding of why and how the research gets distorted and how to go about digging deeper if one is to actually find out more. Ultimately, as more informed citizens we can demand higher quality of health news, and then hopefully the media will reconsider their assumption that we are all stupid and don’t actually care. What can you do? When you see an article with “ a new study shows” or "research shows" in the title, tweet it at me @callstohealth or use the Contact page on callstohealth.org, and I promise to do my best to follow up on them. Subscribe to the show on your podcasting app and toon in every other week for a new episod

  • Hostile Masculinity and Juvenile Sex Offenders

    Roots of Sexual Abuse is a CDC funded, multi-method, cross-sectional research study of adolescent males who have sexually abused children, sexually assaulted peers or adults, and/or committed other types of criminally delinquent behavior. The study applies attachment theory to identify the unique and shared risk factors for adolescents perpetrating child sexual abuse, sexual assault, and delinquent behavior. In his presentation, Charles Helm, MA, will discuss findings from over five years of data collection with adolescent males in Minnesota. The variables described and analyzed will help to illuminate how significant hostile masculinity may have influenced the etiology of adolescent sex offender behavior. Information will be presented on the degree to which each variable is found for each participant group (child sex offender, peer sex offenders, and delinquents) and the degree to which theses groups differ from one another. An understanding of these variables has the potential to fur

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  • Positrônico

    Mente ex-Machina

  • LifeGuide Podcast

    Eine wichtige Entwicklung der heutigen Zeit ist, Erfolg nach persönlicher Zufriedenheit und Freiheit zu definieren.


    Potential Not Pathology explores ideas and facilitates discussion for therapists who are interested in brief, effective and transformational therapies that focus on the potential that each client brings to his or her therapy session. We encourage therapists to consider moving away from limiting problem focused, disease models of client interaction and instead become open to a resource directed, strengths based approach to healing. www.potentialnotpathology.com

  • An Anarchy of Mental Wellness

    Marauder Radio: Anarchy for Mental Health is hosted by Bob Zima, a Frequent Flyer to Hell and Back, who shares is insights as a world-class griever and healer. Bob is an award-winning and nationally recognized clinical counselor and behavioral health professional so his comments also have some validity . Be inspired to seek mental wellness through the development of psychological fitness skills by listening to this show and Bob's rants and raves.


    Three skeptical believers who question everything discussing the weird, paranormal & unexplained.

  • Sociologic

    An analysis of everyday life and culture with Professor James Arvanitakis, Dr John Rees and Ash Berdebes.

  • Disturbed Paranormal

    Listen Live every Tuesday at 9pm pacific and 12am eastern time.Disturbed Paranormal is a place to learn and educate yourself about the paranormal. We will cover topics on psychics, mediums, ghost, spirit communication, EVP Electronic Voice Phenomonenon, Cyptozoology, Demonology, Dangers of the Paranormal, safty, ghost hunting, paranornormal investigations, astrology and readings.


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