• SVCast

    Você já pensou em ouvir as principais discussões, atualizações e temas de altíssima importância para sua formação médica em qualquer hora e em qualquer lugar? Esse é o SVCast, o podcast da Sala Vermelha, dedicado à Medicina Brasileira. Sala Vermelha, onde a Medicina faz sua arte acontecer! #FOAMed #FOAMedBRA #façavalerapena #façavaleravida

  • HeartRhythm - Rhythms in History

    HeartRhythm Journal Editor-in-Chief Douglas P. Zipes, MD, FHRS talks with the men and women who have shaped electrophysiology.

  • Katalists

    Katalists is envisioned to be a thriving ecosystem for the scientific community. As such, this website will be a platform for the community to CONNECT and interact with the people you need, that can help you, DISCOVER the resources (information, people, collaboration etc.,) to advance your research and TRANSFORM your professional career through networking, learning and contribution

  • The Lung Science Podcast: An AJRCMB Podcast

    The American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology (AJRCMB) is proud to present the Lung Science Podcast series! Featuring engaging interviews and commentaries with luminaries in pulmonary and critical care basic investigation.

  • PsychCast 2.0

    Ein Podcast zum Thema "Psychiatrie" Wie ist die Psychiatrie im Zusammenhang mit der Gesellschaft und wie wird sie wahrgenommen. Es handelt sich hier um einen Versuch gegen Vorurteile, Volksglaube, Irrtümer zu wirken. Das Bild der verschlossenen "Gummizellen" und "Zwangsjacken" hält sich noch hartnäckig im Kopf der Gesellschaft.

  • PleurX® Catheter System

    The PleurX catheter helps patients drain fluid from pleural effusions and mailgnant ascites in the comfort of their own home.

  • NEI Podcast

    The Neuroscience Education Institute (NEI) is committed to help raise the standard of mental health by providing imaginative medical education that focuses on the highest level of learning. Each episode offers an opportunity to learn about current issues in psychiatry from key opinion leaders in the medical field. NEI's Podcast would be of value to anyone with an interest in neuropsychiatric diseases and psychopharmacology.

  • JerryFahrni.com

    Podcast focusing primarily on pharmacy automation and technology, with other things occasionally sprinkled in.

  • SecondShift

    Join Mike Verkest, Paramedic and EMS Training Officer, alongside World-Famous EMS Physician Dr. Ritu Sahni, MD, MPH as they talk about everything EMS. Current topics and trends, EMS advocacy, sports and everything in between. Mike and Ritu welcome the occasional special guest and are going to tackle some non-traditional EMS topics. So, sit back, relax and get ready to punch in for your SecondShift.

  • American Journal of Kidney Diseases Podcasts

    The American Journal of Kidney Diseases offers podcasts of "In A Few Words," nonfiction essays by physicians, patients, and others touched by kidney disease that give voice to personal experiences and stories. "In A Few Words" essays are published in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases, and these podcasts were produced from 2010 through 2015. The podcast series is now retired.


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