• Tails From China ®

    This show is a bridge between East and West to dispel negative misconceptions about how the Chinese people feel about animals. Offering credible information about the rapidly improving position of dogs and cats in Chinese society, and in opposition to negative publicity by the Western media about isolated misfortunes befalling Chinese dogs and cats, the goal is to celebrate the evolution of the human-animal bond which is flourishing in the People's Republic of China,. where pet owners are eager to learn how to provide a happy, safe, healthy life for their pets. Mary Peng, CEO and Founder of the International Center for Veterinary Services in Beijing. Mary Peng's vision to offer world-class veterinary medicine and pet care won the 2014 Expat Life Award for ICVS as Beijing's Best Veterinary Clinic. Born in China, raised in Taiwan and then educated in the United States (with a graduate business degree from Columbia University) Mary Peng's decades of work on behalf of animal care says, "

  • 기생충펀팩트

    기생충에 대한 모든 이야기를 풀어 놓는 기생충펀팩트! 본격 기생충 편애 가내수공업 마구잡이 팟캐스트!

  • O Psicólogo

    A Psicologia, como campo do conhecimento, pode ser olhada de diversas formas, por diversos ângulos, através de suas múltiplas facetas. Este podcast pretende olhar para a totalidade desse espectro, ora focando na psicologia em si, ora em assuntos de nosso cotidiano, levando sempre o olhar do psicólogo. Apresentado por: Gabriel Góes (psicólogo e psicoterapeuta fenomenólogo), com a participação de convidados.

  • eOphthalmology Review

    Experts in ophthalmology review topics in diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, vitreomacular adhesion, and diabetic macular edema using patient case scenarios. Certified for CME credit.

  • Podcast LTM

    Give it a listen!

  • 猫に精神分析入門


  • MiResearch Podcast: Basic Science and Research News

    News and updates from experts on basic science and research conducted at the U-M Health System.

  • 病理病態生理学講義集


  • Beyond the Tooth: Coach Ike DMD

    Success and Business Coaching for Dental Professionals

  • 來自 Glidewell 實驗室的患者教育講解

    Glidewell 實臨室在牙醫生最常推薦的治療手續和產品上,對患者提供免費教育講解,讓患者了解這些治療手續和產品的好處。


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