• RC Heli Nation V 2.0

    RC Heli Nation is a weekly production, and since Mondays generally suck we thought we would try to help you out by starting your week off right. Join Dan, Nick, Justin and Jessie as they talk about the amazing world of Remote Controlled Helicopters. You will get a chance to hear from manufactures, pro pilots and everyday hobbyist. We do not take ourselves to seriously, but we also take pride in the timely and informative content of RCHN... we just like to laugh a lot when we do it. You will get to hear us poke fun at everybody in the hobby, but mostly we poke fun at each other. Give us a try, I promise you will enjoy it!!!

  • RCFlightline Forums - Beyond the Flightline

    Our family friendly podcast integrates radio controlled and real aircraft teaching listeners the unlimited possibilities of future aircraft and the technology used to design and fly them.

  • Ace Abbott’s Aviation Affair – Allen Morris

    {Ace Abbott utilizes the archives of his 36 year aviation career that took him to 44 countries for his aviation-themed interviews. His layover venues varied from tents in Korea, to five-star hotels in Paris, and jail cells in Venezuela. After a 5 ½ year career in the Air Force that allowed him to fly F-4 Phantom fighter jets throughout the Far East, he returned to civilian life to become a Learjet charter pilot. His many flights from South Florida to nearly every island in the Caribbean and most of the Latin American countries was complemented with his chauffeuring of the rich and famous. He flew such celebrities as Jack Nicklaus, John Glenn, Evil Knievel, Jimmy Buffett, Helen Reddy and Olivia Newton-John, as well as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. He also smuggled Bob Marley from Kingston, Jamaica when Marley’s life was in danger. Ace spent his final 22 years as a Boeing 727 Captain for numerous airlines, most of which went out of business. His 10 airlines in 10 years is likely an une

  • FSElite

    Podcast by FSElite

  • AviatorCast: Flight Training | Flight Simulation | Human Factors | Aviation Passion

    Become the pilot you've always wanted to be. AviatorCast bridges the gap between actual flight training and flight simulation to give prospective aviators, current pilots, and even the seasoned flyer new perspectives in aviation. Through studying Human Factors we learn to combat the worst enemy to our flying success; ourselves. How can we become better aviators by interacting with our airplanes more effectively? How can we overcome the shortcomings of our human condition to make better decisions on the flight deck? We believe in learning to a confidence level, not learning to a level required by law. When you get a license, you should be ready to go out and fly in those conditions, with those aircraft, and do so with refined skills. Flight simulators these days are very advanced, and we will discuss how you can sure up your flight training with a home based simulator, giving you limitless hours and practice in IFR with scenario based training. Learn how to fly, become b

  • Drönarpodden

    Drönarpodden kommer att gå på djupet i hur du blir en bättre pilot, hur du flyger säkert, vad som gäller med lagar och hur du har kul med dina maskiner istället för att krascha dom! Podden kommer även innehålla intervjuer med folk i drönarbranschen och ge tips på hur du får bättre filmer och foton med din kameradrönare.


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