• Miracles n' Magic : Metaphysical Alchemy

    More Programs @ www.OpenandClear.com - Join us while we immerse ourselves into each frequency of our spiritual universe. Each day is categorized by a different color of the rainbow, and it's attributes relating to our mind, body and spirit. It's perspective of "God", the universe and everything. This is one aspect of Spiritual Alchemy. --- Your host Rev. Devan Byrne has returned from his successful five year vision quest/service mission, which proceeded after his life changing podcast "I am A Course in Miracles". Join him in his conversations with "God", and this life altering healing practice. A new world of Magic and everyday Miracles. --- Questions or comments, EMail us with the topic "MnM" at OPENANDCLEAR@GMAIL.COM ......................................................................................................................... #MiraclesnMagic #Miracles #Magic #Dimensions #RealMagic #Channeling #OpenandClear #Awakening #God #CollectiveConsciousness #FlowerofLife #StarofDavid

  • Spiraling Consciousness

    Is there an emerging global consciousness? What role do we play in the sacred story of the emergence of the cosmos, earth and humanity? Is the evolutionary impulse that gave birth to the Cosmos waking up as you? How are Unity teachings able to contribute to this evolution of spirituality? Join Rev. Kelly Isola as she explores the evolution of spirituality using Spiral Dynamics, Integral Theory and connecting with leaders in the field of conscious evolution, science and religion. Humanity is facing a moment of unprecedented challenge and unprecedented opportunity. As we awaken to the planetary crises facing us, more of us are awakening to our role as co-creators of the future. We're awakening to a new spirituality in which there is no longer any separation between the transformation of ourselves and the evolution of the world. At the heart of this awakening is the evolutionary impulse-the impulse to participate in the evolution of life, culture and consciousness itself. Join us as we

  • Self Body Space's Podcast

    Higher level guidance for full bodied living through the aspects of self, body and space. Information and guidance on energetics with practical exercises, techniques and games to try in daily life. Publishing schedule is 3 times each month. Week 1 - Self, Week 2 - Body, Week 3 - Space. Higher level guidance is called in by Fliss Wheeler: energy healer, dancer and architect. www.flisswheeler.com

  • Devin Petroff – Liberty & Spirituality

    Devin Petroff is a libertarian, social philosopher, spiritual adventurer and overall thorn-in-the-side to authority-loving, socialist twits everywhere. The Devin Petroff show is about advancing the cause of liberty by upholding the spiritual nature of man.

  • Yoga Mandiram

    Dennis Dean | Yoga Mandiram

  • Joy of Awakening

    Get the best tools and information to accelerate your spiritual growth and awakening. The programs will also give you powerful insights on how you can have a positive influence on the planet. "Joy of Awakening" is produced and hosted by Beckon, a visionary author and educator who has been assisting people on their spiritual journeys for over 30 years. Visit www.joyofawakening.com for related books and articles.

  • "Life Unscripted" with Betsy Chasse

    Betsy Chasse, Co-Creator of the hit film "What The Bleep Do We Know?!", author and mom explores the ever expanding world of spirituality . She asks "What is spirituality?" "How does this fit into my everyday life?" So often we find ourselves waking up one day with no idea where we are and how we got here. We look back on all our experiences, what we've learned along the way and wonder what it all means. What still works and what doesn't. How do we fit all this information about the world, reality and spirituality into our life and still buy groceries, get the kids to school and maybe fit in a yoga class. It seems that everyday there is some new spiritual fad and we feel overwhelmed by it all. Life Unscripted with Betsy Chasse explores everything from Channels to Taoism, from Ancient Mysticism to modern day mystics, authors, filmmakers, and everyday people living and exploring all things "spiritual", her show promises to ask them all these questions and more. Her goal is to explain th

  • Chakra Awakening With Margaret Ann Lembo

    Join Margaret Ann to learn to use gemstones, affirmations, the angelic realm, spirit guides, intuition and aromatherapy in your daily life. Interviews will include authors, rock hounds, independent New Age storeowners and visionary industry leaders.

  • 13 O’Clock Podcast

    The 13 O’Clock Podcast is hosted by horror and paranormal writer Jenny Ashford, and poltergeist focus and all-around awesome guy Tom Ross. The show is a relaxed, in-depth, and sometimes hilarious examination of various weird and mysterious topics, ranging from supposedly real paranormal and UFO cases to strange religious cults to bizarre unsolved murders to creepy historical events. New episodes every week.

  • Che cosa mi rende sano? Che cosa mi fa ammalare? - Convegno di Scienza dello spirito - Roma, dal 3 al 5 maggio 2013

    Che cosa mi rende sano? Che cosa mi fa ammalare? Le cause profonde della salute e di ogni malattia CONVEGNO di SCIENZA DELLO SPIRITO Relatore Pietro Archiati ROMA - Università "La Sapienza" 3 - 4 - 5 Maggio 2013 La salute è un bene prezioso. Anzi, siamo tutti d'accordo che sia il più prezioso. Con questo convegno vorremmo proporre, però, alcune chiavi di lettura nuove sul tema: - la salute non è solo una faccenda di natura, di buona predisposizione del DNA, ma è una nostra creazione quotidiana a tutto campo, che non riguarda soltanto il corpo: si può vivere con un’anima malata in un corpo ancora apparentemente sano; - determinante per l’evoluzione di ognuno è il processo di guarigione, cioè la messa in attività di nuove forze da parte dell'Io (lo spirito in ognuno di noi) per lottare contro la malattia, per trovarne il senso e avviare la guarigione; - e quando la malattia porta una persona alla morte? Se la realtà dell’uomo non viene ridotta alla sola corporeità,è evidente che tutte le


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