• Secret Project

    Secret Project, a new class at the California College of the Arts, is an immersive experience allowing all students from the college to work on real challenges in partnership with clients, organizations and companies, in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.


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  • Left Blank

    (TAKING A BREAK FOR SOME TIME ... SEE YA'LL LATERS)----> TO MY PEOPLE, BLACK AFRIKAN POWER - The way things are going it seems like it will continue to get increasingly worse. How do we deal with all the misinformation? How do we deal with the misplaced anger and aggression? They poison our food. They poison our water. They poison our air. They poison our music. They want to poison us. They want to poison our children. They want to track everywhere we go. DAMN!!! With all the things they want to strip away from us it has the tendency to leave us feeling empty ... Left Blank. I find that if we journey together we can encourage one another to maintain our path and reach our destiny. We may not be on the same path but we can still get there with each other's assistence

  • The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish

    The Knowledge Project helps you build a world-class multi-disciplinary education that you can use to make better decisions and live a more meaningful and productive life. Learn more at https://fs.blog #ListenAndLearn

  • Hyphenated Lives

    HYPHENATED* is a weekly social justice podcast and the brainchild of Chuks (owning-my-truth) and Kari (unapologetically-yellow now heauxchinoise). They met through Tumblr and began talking with one another upon realizing that they were both living and working in Asia and had a mutual friend. (‘Tis a small world.)

  • ExpandMusic with Noel Webb

    Interviews with marketing experts, celebrities, and music supervisors in the music, film, and commercial industries; a mix of the newest music and talks with famous artists and film music power brokers having critical discussions about promotion and publicity for all levels of art and music. Noel’s goal is to encourage the expansion of music writing and film music editing across genres and mediums.

  • ThinkKnowLive.Media

    Think clearly. Know truly. Live fully.

  • SuchThatCast - Behind the Philosophy

    SuchThatCast is dedicated to getting to know some of the most influential philosophers (broadly speaking) of today. It seeks to provide an alternative to most other philosophy podcasts (many of which are excellent), by taking the form of a face-to-face conversation (I will never do a phone/skype interview) where the guest is free (and encouraged) to share information about themselves that may not be appropriate in other forums: this includes stories about their unique and often unconventional career paths, seminal events and figures in their lives, undeveloped ideas and generally whatever they are passionate about.

  • Freedom Talk Media

    Freedom Talk Media is a collection of shows about finding a path to a world where people are free to live as they choose, so long as they are not harming anyone else. We are avid readers of history, you didn't learn in history class philosophy and economics. We see the state as coercive and against a peaceful free life. Our primary show, is Anarchy Roundtable, though we sometimes have special projects, outside of that show.

  • Chris Porter's General Store

    Comedian Chris Porter tackles topics - generally. Sometimes with friends and sometimes solo, Chris talks about life and culture from his unique and funny point of view.


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