• The Philosophy Podcast

    A periodic showcase of the world's greatest philosophy, from thinkers such as Plato, Descarte, Nietszche and more!

  • Dre’s Ramblings

    A graduate from the school of psychedelics and finding self, Dre tells stories of his past, gives views on life, and rambles about whatever comes to mind.

  • Freedomain Radio - An Introduction to Philosophy

    A powerful and popular series introducing you to the power and challenges of philosophy.

  • Filosoffen, forfatteren og fremtidskvinden

    P1 byder på sprælsk filosofi. En filosof, en forfatter og en fremtidsforsker deler ud af deres tanker og sætter ord på nogle af de store begreber, som udgør en del af vores fælles fortælling.

  • Magasin-podcasten

    En samtale med magasinjournalister om deres bakgrunn, hverdag og tanker om dagens bransje.

  • Therefore I Am podcast

    A weekly look into the headspace of two popcorn psychologists trying to understand the oddity that is the human experience. It will be funny (sometimes) and thought provoking (maybe). We talk about things that influence us, inspire us, challenge us, and make us laugh. We hope there is something that interests you along the way. - E&D

  • Blazin With Bobby Black

    Former High Times senior editor and columnist Bobby Black joins us each week to bring us the Burndown (a quick recap of the week’s top pot headlines), Trumpocalypse Now (a running commentary on the state of the embattled Trump administration), and Rockin’ Reviews (reviewing cannabis-related products, music, films and events). Plus, guest interviews and so much more.

  • Beast Coast

    Welcome to Beast Coast! We're your source for moderately well-informed insights into pop culture, politics and philosophy. We toss in a fair amount of knee-jerk responses, rants, rambles and pissing contests just to keep things interesting. This podcast is not safe for work, small children or elderly people with heart conditions.

  • Alvarpið

    Alvarpið er samansafn hlaðvarpsþátta í umsjón fólks með mikla ástríðu fyrir hinu talaða máli.

  • Narnia from A to Z

    The world is full of mystery and joy. The writing of C.S. Lewis will help you recognize it. We will help you get to know the writing of C.S. Lewis. Find out how the ideas behind The Chronicles of Narnia relate to Lewis?s other work and why they?re meaningful today.


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