• Kehillat Israel Podcasts

    Recordings of the weekly Friday morning Torah study class at Kehillat Israel in Pacific Palisades, California as well as other events at K.I. including sermons, classes and public events. Kehillat Israel is an inclusive Jewish synagogue community, which honors diverse religious and spiritual backgrounds. Grounded in Jewish cultural and religious tradition, and guided by the core Reconstructionist principle to value both the wisdom of the past and the need for evolving belief and practice, KI seeks through prayer, learning and Tikkun Olam to create a sacred space in which its members of all ages may find meaning, purpose and joy.

  • Universal Torah Network

    Universal Torah Network provides on-line video and audio programming concerning classic Torah teachings from respected Rabbis, as well as progressive teachings concerning Gentiles, Judaism and Classic Jewish Traditions.

  • Rabbi Denbo

    Rabbi Denbo has an ability to take Jewish wisdom and present it in a way that is relevant and practical while still maintaining its profound nature.

  • Smorgasbord

    Smorgasbord is a podcast of “one-offs” interesting lectures, conversations, essays, interviews… Things that are not ready for their own podcast (although they may become one over time) but are important and interesting, and should be shared with the larger community.

  • Zemer of the Week

    Teaching zemirot, spreading the middot, one song, one week at a time. "Zemer of the Week" is a podcast hosted by David Rosenwein and Jon Hornstein, teaching zemirot -- traditional Jewish songs in Hebrew and occasionally Yiddish or Aramaic. Weekly, topical dvars (a short word of Torah) also follow up each zemer.

  • Questions & Answers from lectures

    Rabbi Alon Anava had a Near Death Experience in the year 2001 that changed his life from one end to the other. From being a secular Jew to an orthodox Rabbi. Alon devotes his life to spreading G-od wisdom by teaching Torah every day at lectures, seminars, home gatherings, schools etc., and sharing his personal life changing experience all over the world. Our hope is that you as the listener will absorb his teaching and life changing story and wake up to the reality of this world. We hope that you will have the strength within you to rise above what seems like the prevailing darkness and choose light. We encourage you to connect to your maker and begin your spiritual journey to better yourself and humanity as a whole. We encourage you to see the miracle of you!


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