• Epic Embargos

    We are two close friends just expressing our emotions, sharing sexual and dating experiences as bachelors in NYC who consistently lead adventurous lives! Laugh, cry, be disgusted, and shocked as we host weekly podcasts providing a glimpse into our lives. Enjoy!

  • Cosmo Special: I suddenly had baby panic

    Cosmo talks to Louise Sloan, author of Knock Yourself Up

  • Aural Spaces

    Adult actress, writer, director, and too-many-credits-to-name Stoya joins her longtime friend (comedian, web developer) Mitcz for discussions of sex, politics, relationships, society, life, and more. Join them in Aural Spaces — you just might like it.

  • Annabel - eine Soap in 99 Folgen

    Mark Anders denkt sich einen erotischen Roman in 99 Folgen aus, und alle Hörer sind eingeladen, mit eigenen Anregungen mitzumachen.

  • Ronja & Irene's Podcast

    En podcast om Sex, kärlek, ångest och allt.

  • Shameless Adventures

    Shameless Adventures is our podcast about being slutty and opinionated swingers from New York. We're an average couple passionate about voluptuous brunettes, non-monogamy and adult travel. We're not professionals unless you like want to pay us or something. The podcast is our own opinions and personal brand of crazy. We enjoy sharing our lifestyle experiences, helping others and hearing the sound of our own voices. This is for adults only. Boobs! Enjoy Bitches.

  • Cosmopolitan's Ask Him Anything

    Get relationship advice from Cosmo's guy guru.

  • In The SAC With DR Sarah

    In The SAC With DR. Sarah is a weekly show, airing LIVE on DirtyWaterNews.com - Tune in to hear about everything sex. Download the SAC app off of the iTunes app store or google play to see what we're talking about!

  • とらんしゅ!~性別って、なあに?~


  • PassionTalk engl.

    Sensual Podcast


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