• Yoga With Leo Podcast

    New Podcast - www.modernyogapodcast.com

  • Share My World Show

    Share My World features the transparent journey and transformation of LaKisha Riddick. She shares her trials and triumphs with relationships, emotions and personal goals. "Thank you for sharing MY world. Now go and share YOUR world with others!"

  • See Your Doctor

    See Your Doctor is a phrase that every healthcare expert refers to when taking on tough medical situations. See Your Doctor is a show developed and hosted by physician and lifestyle medicine advocate, Asa. As America's Health Coach, Asa Rx designed the show toward meeting influential doctors and other specialists who are on a mission. In our newest show on the AsaRx.TV, Asa meets with healthcare and thought leaders to uncover the latest advances in the filed of nutrition, medicine, healthcare, fitness, and improving our overall lives each week on the AsaRx.TV.

  • Mindfulness Meditation Podcast

    Every Wednesday, the Rubin Museum of Art presents a meditation session led by a prominent meditation teacher from the New York area. This podcast is a recording of the weekly practice.

  • Marquita Thompson

    Marquita Thompson, Master Life Coach explores life and life coaching, using humor, intelligence, and a lot of personal experience.

  • Elizabeth Grant

    Elizabeth A. Grant, "The Quantum Coach," is a spiritual mentor and life coach. She helps people apply universal law of quantum physics, such as the law of attraction, to create happiness and abundance from the inside out.

  • Conquering Dreams

    C.B. Baker is a motivational speaker that uses his experience from Sports Leadership to help people and organizations Conquer their Dreams.

  • Atmosphonic - Sounds to Help You Relax and Sleep

    Relax with the Atmosphonic Podcast - a podcast containing ambient sound recordings to help you relax and sleep.

  • Momscast, a podcast for and about moms all over the world

    Momscast's host, Mel, who's a certified health coach and motivational speaker, interviews moms from all over the USA and the world and learns not only what it's like to be a mom in a different state or country but also learns about heart felt topics that apply to moms. She also interviews experts on a broad range of useful and handy mom topics such as goal setting, organization, reducing stress, health and nutrition, shame, emotional health, confidence, and so on. Momscast is fun, light hearted and inspiring.

  • Autoimmune Adventures

    Autoimmune Adventures is a podcast dedicated to helping people with autoimmune disorders reclaim their health and their life. The mission is to share cutting edge information and tools for people living with chronic illness and to create a community of support. Episodes will inspire you to say yes to the call to adventure of an autoimmune diagnosis, motivate you to take action to improve your wellness, encourage you on your path, and empower you to recognize the truth of who you are. Topics and themes include healing as a transformative journey, living well with autoimmunity, taking back your power, healing separation from self, healthcare approaches to autoimmune disorders, recreating balance in your life and immune system, nutrition and diet, self-care and stress reduction, and emotional and mental approaches to healing.


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