• Authentic Wellness Radio

    Interviews with the finest and brightest minds in the health and wellness industries to bring you their wisdom on how to transform your life.

  • Potomanía

    Guía Útil de la Potomanía

  • Fobias

    Guía Útil de las Fobias

  • Love School For Nerds - Love Advice Done Right!

    A relationship, sex, and wellness advice show dedicated to putting people back on the right path to love. A smart, funny, and yet genuine advice show.

  • GlücksPodcast mit Julia und Sebastian

    Der GlücksPodcast mit Julia und Sebastian motiviert und stärkt dich, ein selbstbestimmtes und glückliches Leben zu führen. Er leistet Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe, unterstützt dich bei Problemen und Veränderungen. Mit einer positiven Einstellung dir selbst gegenüber kannst du Herausforderungen meistern. Kleine Krisen bringen dich nicht mehr aus dem Gleichgewicht. Julia und Sebastian von Seelenschokolade tauschen sich unterhaltsam und locker über Themen rund um Glück und Wohlbefinden aus - hör uns zu und du wirst uns verstehen! :-) Möchtest du mehr erfahren? Dann melde dich jetzt an unter www.online-seminar-glueck.de Möchtest du den GlücksPodcast abonnieren? Apple-User klicken dazu einfach hier https://itunes.apple.com/de/podcast/seelenschokolade-gluckspodcast/id1063154782?mt=2 und für Android-User gibt es diesen Link: http://subscribeonandroid.com/seelenschokolade.podcaster.de/seelenschokolade.rss Alles Liebe! Julia & Sebastian PS: Falls du dich fragst, "Häh? Wo ist Sai? Und wer ist jet

  • Self Healing Chat With Sister J

    Self Healing Chat With Sister J is about taking time for SELF and being aware. It is also about getting back to a lifestyle where we are more conscious about our needs than our wants. Having less means more!!! Fill your life with real people and think positive. Use positive words that will up lift your Mind, Body and Soul/Spirit. The mind is like the gas tank of a car and the spirit acts as the fuel. Therefore if the car (body) does not have any fuel (spirit), it cannot move. Similarly, we as humans feed our mind with thoughts. If we fill our minds with negative thoughts then we will not grow spiritually. BUT, if we fill our minds with positive thoughts we will be on the move to a higher heights to create health and wealth in our lives as well as others . If we can see the best in all things, we will always receive the best. Reading self - help books and having weekly chats with others help us spiritually as we grow. We will seek out others who are aware of self and are on a self – he

  • Potent, Playful and Provocative

    LIVE MONS 12 PM ET/11 AM CT/10MT/9PT What if everything you always thought were possible for your life actually is? So often those of us with a sense of possibilities beyond the “norm”, or beyond what our families and friends choose, shut ourselves off, turn down our energy or give up our dreams because those around us don’t have this same sense of what they can be, have and create.

  • Bulimia

    Guía Útil de la Bulimia

  • Being bullied.

    Bully weakens our sense of security and opens the door to fear and torment.

  • Fobia Social

    Guía Útil de la Fobia Social


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