• Eat Great Live Well

    Take control of your health and your life. No complicated medical-speak! Just straight talk about eating healthier without giving up the foods you love.

  • Lean Body Principles Podcast

    Medical weight loss specialist, coach and consultant to physicians in North America as seen on People Magazine, Good Morning America and Entertainment Tonight, shares weight loss secrets from a different vantage point providing an insightful holistic approach to body weight and healing.

  • Yoga & Beyond | The Yoga and Movement Science Podcast

    More critical thinking. Less dogma. I started this podcast to share engaging discussions that stimulate our thinking about WHY and HOW we teach. The "beyond" part reflects how yoga fits into to the bigger picture of human movement and scientific research. In the first 50+ episodes I interviewed authors, biomechanists, physical therapists, pilates teachers, rolfers, chiropractors, yoga teachers, anatomy teachers and more.  The new format of the show features discussions about published research on yoga and movement. The format has changed but the goal remains the same: to expand our knowledge about the body and how we move. There's a lot of misinformation in the yoga world (and fitness world). I hope to cut through that to provide more grounded, science-based information.

  • Yoga with Matt Harris, C.Y.T.

    Here you will find live audio recordings of classes I’ve taught. Feel free to download and practice along! Namaste! YogaMatt

  • Pilates Progressions Program

    Take your Pilates teaching to the next level! Get your Pilates and anatomy questions answered by second generation Pilates master teacher trainer, Katrina Foe. This is a Q&A for the P3 Pilates Progressions Program through Personalized Pilates. To find out more about the program please contact us at www.PersonalizedPilates.com.

  • Bee The Wellness Podcast

    Vanessa and Adam Lambert have been in the ancestral health world for many years. Former Crossfit athletes and long term subscribers to the paleo diet, they have created a wellness program that takes the best of what they have learned, and expanded it from there. The Lambert's took their years of working closely with Robb Wolf of the Paleo Solution and Mark Sisson of The Primal Blueprint to create their own program that includes all they have learned from their mentors, and adds in their own experience and insight .This is a podcast that touches on all things nourishing. Discover their outlook on health, fitness, wellness, adventure, and everything in-between. If you are looking for a program that can help you achieve your happiest healthiest person, join Adam and Vanessa as they explore the depths of human experience and potential. Music by Vanessa Lambert AKA Nesta! www.youtube.com/NestaTunesTV

  • Health Tech Weekly Audio Podcast

    Audio mp3 podcast version of the Health Tech Weekly podcast. Health Tech Weekly, with host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic, is a program designed to bring you brief updates on ways technology (both high tech and low tech) impact your everyday lives. Specifically, each episode will focus on technology and health or fitness applications in the real world. This program will bring you the latest in gadgets and mobile apps for health and fitness as well as an occasional look at technology on the horizon, available soon.

  • Final Surge Podcast

    The final surge podcast is a weekly podcast that interviews the best and the brightest coaches and athletes to help you train with a purpose.

  • Yoga with Dr. Melissa West

    Yoga videos and Yoga Membership Site with Dr. Melissa West. Canadas 1 FREE One Hour Weekly Online Yoga Show. Yoga videos and yoga downloads.

  • -ANN: Your Personal Life: Measuring what You Specific Body Needs to Live, Lean, Long, Strong and Better

    Your Personal Life Radio is your guide to the best personalized medical nutrition information available, featuring experts and insights reviewing how to benefit from the most current science to see into the future of your own health and know exactly what to do about it. Dr. Greg Tefft, is the best-selling author of Your Personal Life– Measuring What Your Specific Body Needs to Live Lean, Long, Strong & Better, a Naturopathic physician with over 24 years experience treating people with nutrition measurement testing, a triple-crown natural Mr. America, an Olympic doctor, and founder of Personalized Nutrition Consultants


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