• Maura Manzo Yoga Podcast

    Learn to use the power of yoga to lead an inspired and fulfilling life! These podcasts will challenge you, empower you and inspire you to tap into your fullest potential and purpose. Maura Manzo is a widely followed and recognized teacher in the Philadelphia area. She has taught at both Wanderlust Philly and Namas Day Philly Yoga Festival. She has been named one of Be Well Philly’s Top 5 Yogis to Watch and has been featured in Origin Magazine, Philadelphia Magazine and the Huffington Post. She has trained extensively with Seane Corn and Off the World Into the World. She is the co-founder of Yoga Home, as well as the Beyond Asana Yoga Teacher Training. If you are in the Philly area practice with Maura at her studio www.ouryogahome.com or she can come to you for a private session or workshop at your local studio. Email: info@mauramanzo.com Website: www.mauramanzo.com Twitter / Instagram: @mauramanzo Facebook: @manzomaura

  • Dr. Tom Roselle Live

    Dr. Tom Roselle Live is a health and wellness resource to help you achieve optimal levels of health, vitality, and wellness.

  • Adelgazar

    Guía Útil de Adelgazar

  • Men's Health (Podcast)

    The Men's Health Podcast delivers all the wit and wisdom of Men's Health magazine in a weekly podcast. Tune in and hear the editors of the world's largest men's magazine discuss the latest issues and trends in fitness, sex, health, nutrition, weight loss, style, and more.

  • Performance Nation

    The Performance Nation Podcast is dedicated to the “everyday pro”, a cross reference between pro athletes and everyday professionals from the perspective of fitness and performance. The like mindedness of these individuals is what drives them to want to learn the best information, and use the safest, most effective training progresses in the world. We bring integral knowledge to our podcasts, accessible to everyday professionals that was once only accessible to pro athletes and their families. Brought to you by LineupMedia.fm

  • Food Standards Agency Open Board Meetings Podcast

    The Food Standards Agency is an independent UK Government department set up by an Act of Parliament in 2000 to protect the public's health and consumer interests in relation to food. These regularly updated podcasts provide complete coverage of the Open Board Meetings. Open meetings of the FSA Board give the public an opportunity to learn how the Board goes about discussing the Agency's policies and reviewing its work

  • 'Inside The Mind' - Increasing Mental Resilience In Sport

    Given the popularity of the other training day videos I’ve decided to put together a few short and off the cuff podcasts covering a number of topics that have interested me over the last few months. Not all will be relevant to you, but there may be a few points that make sense, trigger additional thinking or perhaps inspire you to take a long overdue choice to do something great. I’ve been saying it for years but researchers are just now starting to quantify the effects of mind fitness and its relation to performance especially in endurance sports such as triathlon events; including both he long and short course Ironman events. With just a few alterations and mild mindful actions a person, despite their own beliefs, has the ability to build up their mental strength and psychological fitness. Like what I’m saying then hit me up on social media.

  • Really Truly Fit

    Really Truly Fit with Jim White


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