• Bay Shore High School

    Series of Podcasts about highlights and achievements at Bay Shore High School, Long Island, New York

  • No Title

    CrossLife High School is a ministry to high school students. Join us every Wednesday from 6:00 - 8:30pm in Legacy Hall located at 45 W. Broadway St. in Oviedo, FL. Come join us for an engaging and relevant worship experience!

  • TÜRK EDEBİYATI :: Bilfen Liseleri Podcast Öğrenme


  • Cochrane Christian Academy Change Makers

    Podcasts created by students and their teacher, Amanda Klager, from Cochrane Christian Academy in Cochrane, Alberta. With support from the Calgary Educational Partnership Foundation, students and teachers researched, designed, and created positive and lasting change in their community.

  • HSLDA Home School Heartbeat Weekly

    Produced by Home School Legal Defense Association, Home School Heartbeat is an informative two-minute daily radio program which draws upon HSLDA's considerable involvement and front-line experience in the homeschooling movement. Home School Heartbeat began broadcasting in May of 1991 and is currently airing on over 600 affiliates nationwide. Programs address a wide variety of topics - educational, legal and spiritual - all of which are of interest to any parent, whether they have made the decision to home school or are considering home education for their children.

  • This Japanese Life Podcast

    This is podcast created by my students at OGU High School. The podcast title is inspired by one of my favourite podcasts "This American Life", and it focuses on the lives and interests of Japanese high school teens. The program is part of my ICT-Global Awareness course which is taught in English and Japanese. Students are expected to learn English while tackling domestic and international issues and expressing themselves with Web 2.0 technologies.

  • COĞRAFYA :: Bilfen Liseleri Podcast Öğrenme


  • Public School Insights Podcast

    In our exclusive interviews, hear what some extraordinary public education advocates have to say about what it takes to give all children the opportunity for success in the 21st century.

  • Volley-ball - Evaluer les niveaux de pratique

    Dans la continuité du travail réalisé sur l’évaluation des niveaux de pratique du volley-ball au baccalauréat par le groupe Tice EPS de Lyon sous la direction des IA IPR d’EPS, voici la présentation de ces niveaux sous forme de Podcasts à télécharger. L’intérêt de cette démarche, est de permettre aux enseignants ainsi qu’aux élèves, de pouvoir accéder à tout moment via un ordinateur, un iPod, un téléphone 3G, à l’ensemble des ressources qui constituent ce travail.
Chaque épisode est une situation de jeu qui représente un niveau de pratique (Niveau 1 non atteint, niveau 1 ou 2) parmi les 4 thèmes abordés (Organisation Collective, Actions Individuelles du Porteur de Balle, Actions Individuelles d’Aide au Porteur de Balle, Actions Individuelles Défensives). Cette organisation s’appuie sur la grille d’évaluation nationale du BO n°37 octobre 2003. Si cette grille d’évaluation n’est plus celle qui fait référence pour les évaluations actuelles, les niveaux observés restent d’actualités et peu

  • Podcasts

    These are student created promotions for their favorite book or author.


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