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  • Burning Down The House

    Sundays at 4:30PM EST Architecture is the laser focus of Burning Down the House, a weekly discourse on all things built, destroyed, admired, and despised. Each week Curtis B. Wayne, your Tudor tutor, invites a posse of authors, critics, builders, designers, and other architecture fiends to reflect on various topics related to perhaps the most functional of art forms. For more info: http://burningdownthehouse-radioarchitecture.blogspot.com Curtis B Wayne is a graduate of the Cooper Union in New York City and of Harvard Design School. He has designed and built projects ranging from the Bridgehampton National Bank Headquarters to restoration of the torch of the Statue of Liberty. Heritage Radio Network. All Rights Reserved.

  • MADE

    MAdE podcast is about making, architecture and design with equity in mind. Conversation about how the design and the process of making relates to the average individual and user. It’s about designing with a little d perspective from three experienced creative designers, makers, and doers. MAdE is a weekly conversation amongst three friends and professional designers talking about the process & practice of “Purpose-Driven: Design, Making and Manufacturing”

  • UX Café

    Four UX consultants discuss about their favorite topic. From strategy and conception to development and the golive. Most of the time controversial, sometimes derailed.

  • Aurélien Tuts

    Aurélien Tut's est un diminutif d'Aurélien Tutoriaux, et est un blog regroupant des tutoriaux de plusieurs personnes (bientôt...) sur plusieurs logiciels, ou OS en tous genre, de la musique, du graphisme, Mac OS X, Windows, Ubuntu et des tas d'autres choses ! Sur cette présentation, j'en profite pour vous souhaiter une bonne visite et un bon visionnage ;-)

  • Nightcast

    2-4 Köpfe, keine klaren Gedanken. Es ist schon lange dunkel, die Nachtschicht hat begonnen. Wie sagte schon Max Frisch: "Einst hatten wir Zeit! Ich weiß nicht, wer sie uns genommen hat. Ich weiß nicht, wessen Sklaven wir sind. Wir leben wie die Ameisen, drüben im Abendland."

  • Les Pistes aux Sons Animés

    I present here some results of my researches on sounds, music and spoken or sung words. I produce tracks with "BPM pro Mixer" by Alcatech, from playlists of musics that inspire me,sounds collected from own recordings or other sources, words spoken or sung by myself, or extracted from audio books. I mix two randoming play lists, running together at the same time along, applying level modulations, and sampling from time to time the playing files, in an improvised session. I wish I can share with you the pleasure of my work, as you pay attention to these quite experimental creations, that can refer to the "musique concrète" thought processes.

  • Landesmuseum Württemberg - Das Königreich Qatna

    Schätze des alten Syrien - Die Entdeckung des Königreichs Qatna. Die Audioführung steht in Deutsch, Englisch und als Kinderführung zur Verfügung.

  • Across-The-Board

    San Francisco Bay Area Podcaster, Ed Pinto, talks about a number of topics that range from world news - restaurant reviews - gardening and a whole lot more. You may not agree with Ed on everything, but hopefully you find yourself entertained.

  • Cranbrook Calling - In from the Outs

    "In From the Outs" is a weekly look inside the graduate design studio. We talk to our guests and grads. We talk about our work and attempt to provide a window into our world. With an emphasis on typography, music, interactivity and the discourse within the department.


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