• CoolerFun

    Group of Variety People who love Art & Science

  • UX Discovery Session… by Gerard Dolan

    A discovery session is an opportunity to learn about a relevant topic, generate ideas that expand a new technique or practice, or brainstorm concepts and ideas for the next new thing.

  • 【幻燈怪奇】妖怪&ふしぎな話マガジンPodcast

    妖怪&ふしぎな話マガジン【幻燈怪奇】:無料&登録不要ですぐ閲覧可能! スマホやタブレットで読みやすいオリジナル電子書籍漫画誌です。有志によるインディーズ漫画や小説のオリジナル作品を、毎月お届けします。http://gentou-kaiki.tumblr.com

  • Australian Design Radio

    Australian Design Radio is a podcast to provide Australia and the world with conversations and commentary on Australian Design. Hosted by Flyn Tracy and Matt Leach with regular industry guests.

  • Premsela Lectures

    Each year, Premsela invites a speaker to address current developments in the design field. Past speakers were Michael Rock, Werner Sewing, Ann Meskens, Józeph Mrozek, Henk Oosterling and Nancy Etcoff.

  • Night White Skies

    Join Sean Lally in conversation about architecture’s future, as both earth’s environment and our human bodies are now open for design. The podcast engages a diverse range of perspectives to get a better picture of the events currently unfolding. This includes philosophers, cultural anthropologists, policy makers, scientists as well as authors of science fiction. Each individual’s work intersects this core topic, but from unique angles.

  • DesignChat

    DesignChat is the best live Design discussion on the internet. Host Ryan McGovern invites Design rockstars to chat up the community for 1 hour a week!

  • Podcasts – Ray Steele Radio

    Podcasts on Indy, music, pro wrestling and more

  • Turner and the masters - Spanish

    Turner is certainly one of the figureheads of English painting in the early nineteenth century. Celebrated for his last manner characterized by blurred landscapes lost in the mist, his influences, however, are unknown to the general public. This exhibition invites you to discover them by offering subtle comparisons between the paintings of Turner and some of the great masters who have inspired him, among whom Poussin, Claude Lorrain, or Ruysdael.

  • EvoGraphics.net

    EvoGraphic Power and Simplicity for your design.


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