• Bigfoot notes from the field

    Podcast by Bigfoot notes from the field

  • Was wir noch nicht wissen - ARD-alpha

    Wir leben im Informationszeitalter und glauben, die Welt ist weitgehend erforscht. Jedoch ist vieles wissenschaftlich noch nicht geklärt. Warum müssen wir z. B. schlafen oder gähnen? Wie erklärt sich die Wirkung von Musik? Niemand kennt die endgültigen Antworten darauf. Die 13-teilige ARD-alpha-Reihe "Was wir noch nicht wissen" ist eine faszinierende Reise durch die Welt der unbeantworteten Fragen aus Wissenschaft und Technik.

  • Science Faction

    Science Faction is an audio-rich podcast that distills complex scientific breakthroughs into animated bite-sized episodes. This miniseries is researched and hosted by National Geographic Young Explorers, Dalal Hanna and Andrea Reid, and is produced by Nick Schofield, voted Montreal’s #1 Radio Host (Cult MTL 2014). The monthly podcast translates cutting-edge concepts into accessible, scintillating stories using the “Up-Goer Five Text Editor”, an application that challenges scientists to explain a hard idea in just the 1000 most common words. In each episode, listeners will hear from top scientists around the globe, from MIT to Cambridge, sharing research that sounds like science fiction but is actually fact.

  • BBC Focus Magazine Podcast

    The latest news from the team behind Focus magazine - a popular UK-based science and technology magazine. To find out more, visit sciencefocus.com

  • Things That I Find Interesting

    Each week semi-professional Adventurer Buck Mulligan chats to interesting people about things that they find interesting. Everything is on the table, from 'Emergent Properties of Simple Systems' to 'Aquatic Ape Theory', from'George Orwell' to 'why the Simpsons just aren't funny anymore'.

  • Science and science fiction

    My ideas about science and science fiction. This Podcast was created using www.talkshoe.com


    WE MOVED TO WWW.BlogTalkRadio.com/jerrywilliams. Also catch me on Sirius Satellite Radio Monday. Thursday. Saturday. At 2am on Paranormal X.

  • "Desde el Sur,Explorando el Cosmos"

    Programa radial que emite Radiokosmos de México (www.radiokosmos.org) en forma semanal

  • University of Aberdeen's Medical Education Unit

    Short (10-15 minute) audio podcasts, on a range of core subjects for undergraduate medical students, updated weekly. Some contain slides which run with the podcast.

  • Danskernes Akademi

    Danskernes Akademi på P1 sender alle hverdage et kort program med en af ugens aktuelle forskere. Alle fem programmer i en uge er med den samme forsker, og der er nye vinkler hver dag.


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