• Now Playing: The Fright Night Retrospective Series

    In the 1980s, Fright Night starring Chris Sarandon brought new blood to the languishing vampire genre. Before Lost Boys, before Buffy, Charlie Brewster's witnessing his new neighbor's odd feeding habits electrified horror fans tired with the vampiric status quo. Now, in this new renaissance of Vampire films, Fright Night is poised to again bite into audiences, with the remake starring Colin Farrell. To prepare for the remake, join Now Playing as we review the original two Fright Night films, and then the new remake!

  • Negá Todo

    Los archivos clasificados del regreso de The X-Files. Con Eliana Iñiguez y Martín Vecchio. Negá Todo es una serie original de Posta.

  • Cinema Diabolica

    F13 and DeeZee try and make sense of Horror, Cult, Giallo, and Exploitation movies while you listen and judge harshly.

  • Changkhui: Mai Hlap Mai Non (Video)

    This is the entertainment program on our Changkhui podcast station. A place where we talk freely on things that make us up all days and nights such as movies, TV series, music, books, magazines and novels. Our hosts are Gan and Ood, they spend a lot of time discussing the topics that we think they deserve a program of their own. For those who do not know, Mai-Hlap-Mai-Non is a phrase, meaning "sleepless"; HLAP is pronounced as Lup, as in cup.

  • POP + LOX Podcast

    The POP + LOX Podcast is two friends who love pop culture and brunch. Join Alexa Alcantara and Kirsten Ascio twice a month as they discuss their love of brunch, TV, movies, music, current events, and more! They don't claim to be experts, but only appreciators. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter at @popandloxpod for information on new episodes. And remember... they got it on pop and lox.

  • Crypt Of The Macabre

    An interactive podcast about British horror films.

  • Probably Movies » Podcast

    Tyler, Thomas, and Jacob sit around and discuss a movie they saw... for the most part.

  • Everything with Ladies' Podcast

    I'm a senior at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in their Criminal Justice and Criminology Department. This podcast is my Capstone Project, which is the final project before I graduate. I will be discussing the representations of women of color in popular films and television shows.

  • Spoiler Alert QC

    Podcast principalement sur les séries TV, mais aussi un peu sur le cinéma. On discute de nos séries favorites avec des analyses de fond, dans une ambiance décontractée.

  • DIY2K

    故事大綱 2012年,世界沒有末日,但卻悶蛋依然! 這一年,幾個設計系畢業、初出茅廬的年輕人,柴娃娃在一所工廈插上旗號,辦了一間名為Neverland 的 Design House! 穿梭現實與夢想世界的阿談(善言)、絕不妥協的設計天才Jason、行為與作品同樣驚世駭俗的烈女爆樽(Koyi)、在溫室長大的陽光宅男Chris、事業型務實俊男任總(Kyle),與無厘頭怪女孩海寶,在這一年間,六個性格迥異,對設計和人生各有抱負的年青人,就在這個小小的Neverland,為了自己的夢想和感情,接受了一次又一次的考驗和挑戰。 如果說,設計是要從平凡中變出美好,在困局裏創造出路,那麼,六位青春掛帥的追夢型人,在這個被物質堆砌得天花亂墜的城市,能否為自己創出一片異想天空? 播映日期: 2012年9月25日起 (逢星期二)  晚上七時 無綫電視翡翠台   監製:余世民 策劃:李澈 編劇:張飛帆 主演: 胡卓希 飾 Jason 談善言 飾 阿談(善言) 方家進 飾 Chris 麥芷誼 飾 爆樽(Koyi) 李任燊 飾 任總(Kyle)  蘇樂善 飾 海寶 李    敏 飾 Ranya


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